Huzer Consulting Services delivers full-stack solutions including design, implementation and ongoing support from the operating system through the application.

Who are we

Huzer consulting is the independent managed services provider for enterprise databases, applications, and analytics. Our expertise in infrastructure and platforms, help organizations optimize the value of their software investments and business processes, achieving higher availability, performance, velocity, and scalability. We provide a complete portfolio of lifecycle services including strategy, implementation, upgrade, and ongoing support, across platforms — on-premises/private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid cloud. Our solutions combine best-in-category technology, world-class services, a flexible business model, and deep expertise.

Our Services

Cloud Services

The cloud provides your organization greater agility and control. But because the cloud is not just only thing, adopting and managing cloud environments can be complex. 

Both the infrastructure and applications, your choices include private, public, multi-cloud and hybrid public-private clouds, PaaS and SaaS – each of which will require integration with your unique IT environment. Your IT organization has its own requirements for achieving the best outcomes.

Consulting Services

Huzer Consulting provides hourly based, Functional and Development services for a wide range of requirements.
Huzer Consulting senior consultants offer the skills and functional experience to serve your needs, from ERP and Web, to Analytics and Business Intelligence.
Huzer consulting senior consultants are knowledgeable in dealing with complex environments. They have the depth and expertise that you can’t cost-effectively staff in-house

Managed services

Huzer Consulting DBA team provides you support around-the- clock IT services.
Huzer Consulting can dynamically tailor services to meet your needs – offering constant support, improving availability and performance or planning and implementing continuous improvement plans.

Why Choose Us

We provide broad and deep expertise.

We support the complete application lifecycle

We deliver cost-effective global service at scale.

extensive expertise creating custom solutions that solve complex problems.

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